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Electricity is an integral utility in modern society, with links to everything from a human's subconscious fear of the dark to the practical need for working illumination in an industrialized world. The entire world essentially runs on electricity, in one form or another. Because of it important it requires a professional engineering discipline that deals with the study and application of electricity.  It is therefore important not to underestimate quality. Quality is absolutely vital to success. Therefore our approach implements the recommendations of the Council of Accepted Experts such as (ISO, BS, IEEE, Energy commission and AESL).
With our vast experienced, expertise and skills, we shall supply you quality and original electrical goods and fittings at a competitive price and install them perfectly for you.
We also offer the following services

  1. Free electrical estimates
  2. Varied brands of cables and electrical products
  3. Sales and supply of quality electrical products
  4. Qualified electrical engineers
  5. Delivery of products to site
  6. Street lighting
  7. Industrial wiring
  8. Commercial wiring
  9. Domestic wiring

Service Benefits
Reasons why you should choose us among the others are that we provide:
1. Emphasis on professionalism.
2. Better engineering cost estimate.
3. Follow-up services
4. Free assistance in sourcing right products for your requirement
5. Application of codes and standards to solutions.
6. Emphasis on the application of our total quality assurance program which includes the following;      
i. Quality assurance of works.
ii. Quality assurance during installations.
iii. Performance and reliability test after installations.
8. Better emphasis on-time delivery.

Our capability is beyond imagination because we have the experienced, expertise and skills to provide you quality and original products and services in Electrical Engineering with technology base management solutions which deliver bottom line impact. We also help to create value, manage cost and reduce risk, which in turn enable you to keep your project running efficiently and profitably in the long term.

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